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"Barwest" Gaming Entities Organized by Agents of Michael Malik & Marian Ilitch

Since 2003, agents of Detroit casino syndicators Michael J. Malik, Sr. and Marian Ilitch have filed documents with the Michigan Department of Corporations forming nine "Barwest" entities. Eight of those are currently active. Documentation recording the formation of MJM Barwest, L.L.C., was filed August 25, 2011, by Malik's agent, attorney William Serwer. John Kotlar, Vice President of Tax Affairs at Ilitch Holdings, Inc., is resident agent of the other seven active entities.

These Malik/Ilitch affiliates are believed to be linked to various Barstow, CA, casino development schemes the duo has floated during the last decade. The pair have partnered with the Los Coyotes Band Of Indians on these various proposals and at one time also included the Big Lagoon Rancheria tribe.

Entity Name
ID Number
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company
Limited Liability Company
Filing Pending

Mayor Cites Study, Warns Shinnecock Casino at Belmont Park Will Bring Significant Increases in Local Crime

Mayor Thomas J. Tweedy
Floral Park, New York

Mayor’s Message Village of Floral Park: August 25, 2011

Public safety is one area where Floral Park has exerted its rights as a community. The quality of life we enjoy is a function of the sense of security we feel. This week’s principle from our 2007 Statement of Principles addresses safety and security. Safety and security may be the area of greatest concern, an area where the most negative impacts may be realized by the development of an Indian casino at Belmont Park.

Safety and Security Is a Necessity Not a Luxury

VI. The safety and security for the facilities and their neighboring communities must be maintained and increased. Safety includes the safe inflow of traffic to and from the facilities whether the sites are hosting an event or conducting ongoing operations. Security should include use of state-of-the-art technology, including requiring proper identification of all persons permitted in the non-public areas at the facilities. In addition, as these facilities have already been designated as staging areas should an emergency or natural disaster take place, there must be state-of-art readiness and facilities in place.

Floral Park is proud to be one of the few full service villages in Nassau County that maintains its own full-time police force. This commitment to public safety is a cornerstone of our community remaining a great place to live and raise a family. The potential introduction of a 24/7/365 full scale casino at Belmont Park will no doubt have a significant impact on our public safety resources. I have asked our Police Commissioner Stephen McAllister and his staff to consider the impact the Shinnecock casino at Belmont Park could have on Floral Park. The preliminary analysis is quite disturbing. In particular, according to a study authored by Grinols and Mustard, while the crime rates near casinos may initially remain comparable to historical crime patterns, after about three or four years, after the initial novelty of the excitement created by any new casino facility subsides, there appears to be a steady increase in crime, and the types of crime committed are quite different than what was taking place before the presence of a casino. The data suggests that casinos create crime and not merely move crime from one area to another. Now bear in mind that the areas where many casinos have been built were either in dire shape or desolate even before the casinos were introduced, so what a casino at Belmont Park could bring to our community in the way of criminal activity may not be predicted based upon the experiences of places like Atlantic City, Detroit or even rural Connecticut. One thing is for sure, however, introducing tens of thousands of additional visitors to any area will result in increased traffic, accidents and crime.

We also have the benefit of reviewing the comprehensive report prepared by the community leaders of Palmer, Massachusetts, a community of 12,500 that has been considering the introduction of an Indian casino into their community. They studied various issues, including public safety, and concluded that their police department needed to be dramatically expanded and additional public safety facilities needed to be built in order to accommodate an Indian casino in their area. While the Shinnecocks would surely have security to protect their own property and visitors while at Belmont Park itself; will or can the Shinnecocks also protect their neighbors and their homes once their visitors leave the secure confines of Belmont Park? Given that the Shinnecocks casino will be open and may be serving alcohol all hours day and night, will our roads see an influx of after hour patrons from all over the metropolitan area? Will those same all night revelers also be leaving Belmont Park about the same time our school children will be going to school in the morning? Having a DUI check point near Floral Park Memorial High School is not something our local police department should have to consider, but if so, our local taxpayers should not have to foot the bill to protect the community from unlawful activity emanating from Belmont Park! Will Floral Parkers be left with no choice but to depend on the benevolent protection of the Shinnecocks, the State of New York or Nassau County rather than the current peace of mind we enjoy with our own police department? Is that fair?

The studies suggest that casinos have a significant impact on the local community and bring “more work for police, courts and more filled jail cells.”(Miller and Schwartz 1998). As one community leader in Palmer has suggested “there needs to be some mechanism to ensure the host community does not end up as becoming a net loser in the process” and to “have a host agreement in place that will cover ALL the expense…so that no burden is placed on the citizens to cover any expenses associated with a casino.” (See Palmer Citizen’s Casino Impact Study Committee Report dated April 13, 2009).

We assume the Shinnecocks will install state-of-the-art security at Belmont Park. Floral Park must be assured that we will maintain and perhaps even enhance the safety and security of our community in a similar manner as a result of a casino at Belmont Park. We don’t want to find, like the citizens in New Orleans after Katrina did, that what was thought to be the community’s dream facility, their Superdome, turns out to be a nightmare of shallow promises and unfulfilled expectations.

Blogger's NOTE: The Shinnecock Indians propose to build and operate a hotel, casino and new train station at Belmont Park & Race Track on Long Island. Gateway Casino Resorts, an entity organized by Detroiters Michael J. Malik, Sr., and Mrs. Marian Ilitch, has been out front bankrolling the Tribe's various failed casino development proposals for nearly decade and are behind this latest scheme. 

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Competing casino proposals are back

Competing casino proposals are back
Victor Valley Daily Press | 8.24.2011
...But this time around, the Chemehuevi will own the property where the proposed casino would be. Wood said the tribe is in the process of buying the 40-acre property that was sold by the original property owners right after the casino was first rejected. This ownership should be an advantage for the Chemehuevi, Wood said, because it shows there are no outside developers influencing the tribe.

The Chemehuevi tribe runs the Havasu Landing Casino in Havasu Lake and originally applied to operate a casino near the Barstow outlets in 2006. The Chemehuevi’s application came not long after the Los Coyotes Tribe and Big Lagoon Rancheria applied for a dual casino a mile away.

The two applications were rejected in January 2008 as a result of a federal memo that required casinos to be within a commutable distance from the tribe’s reservation. The Chemehuevi and Los Coyotes reservations are more than 100 miles from Barstow...
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Chemehuevi will reapply for Barstow casino

Chemehuevi will reapply for Barstow casino
Desert Dispatch | 8.23.2011
Chemehuevi Chairman Charles Wood confirmed the tribe is preparing its application for a casino in Barstow.

Three years after its original application was rejected, the Chemehuevi tribe will try again for
Barstow casino down the street from another proposed casino project.

Chemehuevi Chairman Charles Wood confirmed the tribe is preparing its application for a casino in Barstow and has informally informed the Bureau of Indian Affairs of the project plans.

The tribe runs the Havasu Landing Casino in Havasu Lake and originally applied to operate a casino near the Barstow outlets in 2006. The Chemehuevi’s application came not long after the Los Coyotes Tribe and Big Lagoon Rancheria applied for a dual casino a mile away. Both casinos created municipal service agreements with the city.

The two applications were rejected in January 2008, as a result of a federal memo that required casinos to be within a commutable distance from the tribe’s reservation. The Chemehuevi and Los Coyotes reservations are more than 100 miles away from Barstow.

The rejections came after a two-year battle between the two projects. The Chemehuevi have publicly opposed the competing casino because it says the Los Coyotes, from San Diego County, have no ancestral ties to Barstow. Wood spoke at the July public hearing for the Los Coyotes Casino and said tribes like Los Coyotes have “no legal or cultural right” to a gaming casino in Barstow...
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Michael Malik: The Latest Life & Times of a Detroit Casino Syndicator

Carrying on a 7-Year affair. Another illegitimate child. A $300k Las Vegas wedding. A 6-week marriage. Dirty divorce. Extravagant living. Drugs, alcohol & abhorrent sexual behavior. Bullying, intimidation & influence peddling.

No, that's not a teaser for a new reality-TV "Housewives" series but rather a glimpse into the private life and character of Detroit casino syndicator Michael J. Malik, Sr. He is a confidante and business partner of Detroit's Ilitch Family -- namely Mrs. Marian Ilitch -- founders of Little Caesars pizza, and owners of the Detroit Tigers (MLB), Detroit Red Wings (NHL) and several dozen other affiliates under the Illitch Holdings, Inc., umbrella.
Michael & Brooke Malik. Temple Bet El, Passover Event
March 3, 2010 (six weeks after their Las Vegas wedding and
six days before he would move out and file for divorce)

On the heels of his 2003 divorce from Michele M. Malik and a reported affair with Heather Lufkins Robinson, Michael J. Malik, Sr., (age 50) began having a romantic relationship with stylist Brooke Anne Garwood (age 28).  Described by some as a kept woman, Malik provided Brooke with financial support for the next seven years  -- support that increased upon the November 2006  birth of their son Cameron Anthony Malik.

Seven years after beginning their affair, and three years after the birth of their son, Malik and Brooke Garwood were married in a Las Vegas, Nevada ceremony (January 21, 2010).  Malik says he spent more than $300,000 on wedding related expenses. 

Six weeks later (March 9, 2010) Malik had moved out of their new 5,000 square foot Birmingham home and filed for divorce in a Detroit area court.

From the time of Cameron’s birth until his parents were wed, Brooke and Cameron Malik resided at 1063 Bird Ave., Birmingham, Michigan. The 3 bedroom home was approximately 2,000 square foot and recorded a sale price of $350,000.

During this same period Mr. Malik resided at various locations. Several luxury residences in Grosse Pointe owned by Malik were forced into sale and Malik was the roommate/tenant of Detroit area restaurateur/grocer Victor Ventimiglia.  Malik defaulted on a $1 million personal line of credit with Fifth Third Bank; was delinquent on property taxes and had real estate in foreclosure.

Malik Family Residence
350 Aspen Rd., Birmingham, MI 48009
For about a month after the Las Vegas wedding (February 10, 2010 to March 9, 2010) Michael, Brooke and Cameron all lived as a family at 350 Aspen Rd., Birmingham, Michigan.  They reportedly paid cash for the three bedroom / five bath home which was purchased February 1, 2010. Prior to the sale it had been listed at $2.3 million.

Then by March 9, 2010, Malik reports he had moved to The Townsend Hotel, 100 Townsend, Birmingham, Michigan.  Both parties had accused the other of outrageous amd abusive behavior, infidelities and indiscretions. A bitter divorce ensued.

The Rushmore Penthouse
80 Riverside Bvd.
New York, NY 10069
Malik, a business syndicator who along with Marian Ilitch has bankrolled long-shot Indian gaming proposals in Michigan, California and New York with little success.  Over the last decade, he has advanced various failed gaming proposals with the Shinnecock Indian Nation of Long Island, New York. Their latest scheme centers on plans to develop an entertainment complex (casino, hotel, new train station) at the Belmont Park and Race Track on Long Island.  He's investing thousands to influence Governor Andrew Cuomo and other New York officials who will make the decisions.

During the first trimester of 2010, Michael Malik bought a penthouse residence at The Rushmore in New York City (80 Riverside Blvd., #PH4A, New York, NY 10069).  Prior to filing for divorce, Malik and Brooke made several trips to New York City looking for a residence to purchase and shopping for items to furnish the penthouse.  However, a shrewd Mr. Malik did not enter into a contract to purchase the penthouse until March 19, 2010, ten days after filing for divorce.  Penthouse 4A at The Rushmore sold to Mr. Malik on April 15, 2010, for nearly $5.4 million, reportedly paid in cash and closing only after he had separated from Brooke.

Michael Malik's Vacation Estate
4411 Pine Tree Dr.,
Miami Beach, FL  33140
While the Maliks were married, they also kept a lavish vacation property at 4411 Pine Tree Drive on the Miami Beach Peninsula. That vulgar $7.9 million Mediterranean estate with a nearly 12,000 square foot mansion was available for $45,000 per month.  See More Estate Details:  Video Tour;  Slideshow;  For Sale Listing.

According to court documents and police reports, Miami Police were called to a scene at the Malik vacation home on March 13, 2010.  Cocaine and other drugs were reportedly in plain site (MBPD Crime Scene Report - Case No 10-24620). Various investigations suggest more than a dozen people had engaged in drug use and sexual debauchery during five days of continuous partying. Court documents indicate they “participated in the use and distribution of cocaine and other illegal substances and engaged in abhorrent sexual behaviors.” 

Malik asked that the Judge restrict public access to information revealed in divorce proceedings and the judge granted the protective order going forward.

In December 2010, the Court granted consent for a divorce.

Brooke Malik is now an associate with Cicchini Custom Clothier.

It's unclear where Mr. Malik is calling "home" and who, if anyone, he might be cavorting with at this time.

@ Malik vs. Malik – Various Divorce Documents

Also see:

Mayor has Host of Concerns About Shinnecock Control of Belmont Park

Mayor Thomas J. Tweedy
Floral Park, New York

The potential of the Shinnecocks taking control over some, if not all, of the 435-acre Belmont Park property raises a host of concerns; especially the impact a federally recognized sovereign Indian Nation could have on the surrounding community. While the State of New York has had a great deal of control over what takes place at Aqueduct and Saratoga, NYRA’s two other thoroughbred racing facilities, if it cedes control of any part of Belmont Park to the Shinnecocks, what takes place there could be beyond the control of the State of New York, and even, the federal government in some important respects.

The Town of Hempstead has had an important say over what takes place at the 77-acre Nassau Hub and Coliseum, as evidenced by Hempstead’s dramatic downsizing of the proposed “Lighthouse Project” advocated by the owner of the New York Islanders. Whether the Town of Hempstead or even Nassau County could assert jurisdiction over property under control of the Shinnecocks is a serious concern. Whether the Shinnecocks, operating a hotel with hundreds of rooms supporting a full scale casino rivaling Foxwoods Casino, will have to play by the same set of rules that the New York Islanders have been since 1972, seems to be an issue of fairness for everyone impacted by whatever takes place at Belmont Park.

We all know the Shinnecocks have strongly resisted the State of New York’s attempts to collect their fair share of our tobacco taxes. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the State of New York now allows the Shinnecocks to open yet another outlet to sell tobacco products at Belmont Park! Will tobacco smoking, which is prohibited inside all our public buildings, now be allowed at the Shinnecocks gaming facilities at Belmont Park? What if one of their workers at Belmont Park gets lung cancer from being exposed to tobacco smoke in the Shinnecocks’ facilities, will such a worker be allowed to sue or seek worker’s compensation? The tobacco related issues alone illustrate the game changing nature of interjecting a sovereign Indian Nation like the Shinnecocks into the equation at Belmont Park.

We have discussed the potential strains on our local infrastructure and one way to relieve our concerns would be for payments to be made on behalf of the operations at Belmont Park that would represent their fair share of those services. We must not be subject to the changing winds in Albany to be sure that we receive our fair share of what takes place at Belmont Park. Our local school districts and our local taxpayers have already been shortchanged by Albany, and there is certainly no current iron clad agreements in place which assures us that Belmont Park begins contributing its fair share to our local communities as was done in the past. Why Belmont Park’s horse owners and gambling interests should get paid first, while our school children and local taxpayers get taken care of last, is simply unfair. It must be the other way around, before anyone else tries to get their piece of the action at Belmont Park.

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