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Reps. Peter King and Carolyn McCarthy reportedly backing Ilitch / Shinnecock plan for Belmont

Shinnecock casino plan wins 2 supporters


The Shinnecock Indian Nation has won two new influential supporters in its plans for a casino at Belmont Park while advancing a separate plan in Suffolk County. The only wrinkle: The tribe was surprised to hear a Nassau Coliseum could be part of the Belmont plan.

In recent weeks, Reps. Peter King (R-Seaford) and Carolyn McCarthy (D-Mineola) backed the concept of a casino at Belmont. King "supports... (Complete Story at

Tour the small Bay Mills' Vanderbilt Casino as it was Originally Opened

Here's a peek inside the Bay Mills Indian Community's Vanderbilt Casino the day after it first opened (11.04.11).  The very small facility opened with just 38 slot machines.  The tribe completed and expansion of the facility early in 2011 reportedly more than doubling the square footage of the facility.

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Who is Joann Kemp? A Clinton River Boat Club Member and Harsens Island Property Owner
Clinton River Boat Club
The family of William & Joann Kemp (Harrison Twp. MI) was admitted for membership in the Clinton River Boat Club (CRBC / during 2006.  Then in 2009, Joann Kemp sponsored her brother Jay Whiteley’s family for membership in the club.  The Kemps reportedly have a boat called “Flashback” of build and size unknown to TVT at this time.  The Whiteley’s have a 33’ boat; however, the name and builder are unknown to TVT at this time.

CRBC is located on the small Club Island (MI) which sits near Harsens Island at the inlet of the Middle Channel into Lake St. Clair. For nearly 20 years, Detroit developer Michael J. Malik, Sr., whom Mrs. Kemp may be familiar with, has failed to win approvals of various schemes to build casinos in Port Huron and a marina and other amenities on Harsens Island. Malik owns significant lands on Harsens Island.

Harsens Island 
Deed | 180 Monroe Blvd., Harsens Island MI
In 2007, Joann Marie Kemp and Kimberlee T. Kulich  (née Trundle), tenants in common, took ownership of a parcel of land on Harsens Island near-adjacent to Malik’s Harsens Island holdings. Consideration for the property at 280 Monroe Blvd., Harsens Island (MI) was $140,000. notes a previous listing price of $224,900.'s current Zestimate is $127,300.

The Warranty Deed notes the Kulich/Kemp address as 14014 E. Eleven Mile Road, Warren, MI 48089.  Later the owners’ address would be changed to 14140 Frazho, Warren, MI 48089.

Like the Kemps, the family of Kimberlee Kulich, a 47-year-old (b.  11 Jul 1964), and her husband Jeffrey also live in Harrison Township (27807 Lakeshore, Harrison Township, MI 48045). Also, like the Kemps, the Kulich family are also members of the Clinton River Boat Club having been admitted in 2004.  Kim actively sponsors new CRBC members. It's unknown but possible that Kim may have sponsored the Kemps' bid for membership in 2006.

As previously reported, TVT has been able to document ties between Joann Kemp and  the Bay Mills Indian Community/Michael Malik:

(1)    Kemp recorded acquisition of land in Flint Township (MI) and then that same day she recorded a transfer of ownership of that same property to the  Bay Mills Indian Community via Quitclaim.  

(2)    She contributed $1000 to U.S. Senator Carl Levin's last re-election campaign on the same day (March 30, 2007) that Michael Malik, Marian Ilitch, their families, friends, business associates and fellow Port Huron casino supporters helped raise almost $100,000 for Levin. Shortly thereafter, Sen. Levin turned indifference into public support for a Bay Mills Port Huron casino. Kemp had never contributed to a federal political campaign before that and has not subsequently.  Plus, she failed to disclose any employment/occupation details with her $1000 check.  In doing so, she shields details that may help one understand just how it is she came to be involved with Malik’s schemes.

While there are clear ties between Kemp and Malik/Bay Mills, TVT has yet to uncover any similarly direct connections between Kulich and any of the parties other than Kemp. Further, TVT has yet to understand how Kemp and Kulich became partners in the Harsens Island property or might otherwise know one another.

Since Kulich /Kemp bought 280 Monroe Blvd., Malik has purchased three other Harsens Island parcels that comprise an estate on the South Channel; namely, a residence at 8117 South Channel Dr. records the sale price for that property at $1.45 million. The home is approximately 6,269 square feet, has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and was originally built in 1994.

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Ilitch could get Hockey, Gambling, Entertainment Complex in NY before things materialize in Detroit


By Randi Marshall

Nassau County officials are considering a scenario in which a new Nassau Coliseum could be built at Belmont Park, a move that could pair a racetrack, hockey arena and casino into a sports-entertainment center.

"This is an option and all options are on the table," said Brian Nevin, a spokesman for County Executive Edward Mangano.

Hofstra University president Stuart Rabinowitz raised the possibility Tuesday during a meeting of the Long Island Regional Economic Development Council, of which he is vice chairman along with Long Island Association head Kevin Law.

Moving the arena to Belmont would free up the 77 acres of Coliseum land for a potential research and development park, or a mix of other uses, Rabinowitz said.

Any move to the Elmont site would likely require state approval, because it is on state land, he added.
"The concept of a sports arena at Belmont has been around for some time," said State Sen. Jack Martins (R-Mineola), whose district includes the Belmont site. "It lends itself to it."

Hempstead Town Board member Ed Ambrosino first raised the idea with Mangano over the summer -- and more serious discussions began after a referendum seeking to borrow public funds for a new arena failed, Ambrosino said.

Ambrosino said he has spoken with a "multinational" company interested in locating its research and development facilities on the Coliseum land. It would, he added, mesh well with Hofstra and the other academic facilities in the area.

Meanwhile, Belmont could then include the raceway, Coliseum and a casino proposed by the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

"You're talking about a massive entertainment destination," Ambrosino said.

A person close to the Shinnecock Indian Nation, who said he had not known about the idea, said the tribe would support the Coliseum within the Belmont Park location, where tribal leaders have been working for months to shore up support after abandoning an earlier plan to locate a casino at the Nassau Hub.

"We liked the idea of the Coliseum site because of the synergy it would create as an entertainment destination," said the person. "Throw in a world-class horse racing track and you really have a home run."

The New York Islanders have said they will not play at the Coliseum after their lease expires in 2015. Islanders senior vice president Michael Picker did not return calls for comment.

Mangano remains interested in finding a plan that could leave the Coliseum at the current site if a parking facility could be built, Rabinowitz said. At Belmont, officials said the existing parking could be shared with the raceway -- and would likely be sufficient.

Speaking at the council meeting Tuesday, Rabinowitz said Nassau County has not yet submitted a project to the group, but plans to by the Oct. 14 deadline.

Mangano said last week that he was planning to seek state funding for the Coliseum site, adding that a request for proposals for the land would emerge later.

Blogger's Note:  The  Shinnecock Indian Nation has an agreement with Gateway Casino Resorts (Michael Malik and Marian Ilitch) to develop and manage any casino resort project the tribe moves forward on since it received Federal Recognition.  Marian Ilitch and her husband Michael own the Detroit Red Wings (NHL) and manage Detroit's Joe Lewis Arena (Olympia Entertainment).  Marian owns Detroit's MotorCity Casino. Anticipating a more active business life in New York, their partner and agent Mike Malik bought a $5.4 million NYC penthouse in 2010.

Who is Joann Kemp? A resident of Harrison Twp (MI) who once owned a Palm Beach Condo

Joann Marie Kemp (née Whiteley) is a 43-year-old (b. 16 Jul 1968) married, mother of two children.

Since 1994, Joann Kemp and her husband William R. Kemp have lived in a Harrison Township home (38140 Circle Dr., Harrison Township, MI 48045-2815) owned by William. The property currently carries a $262,650 assessed value and suggests a Zestimate of $326,800.

The residence was originally built in 1953 and is currently two stories and 2,603 sq ft. It sits on approximately 1/3 acre and has boat docks with direct access to the property and Lake St Clair.

Palm Beach Co. (FL)
From 1993 through May 1998, William R. and Joann M. Kemp owned a condominium in Palm Beach County, Florida (100 Waterway Dr. S., #201, Lantana, FL 33462). They purchased the unit for $49,000 and sold it for $57,000.

Aliases for Mrs. Kemp are Joann M. Kemp, Joann M. Whiteley, Joanne M. Whiteley, Joanne M. Kemp, Joann Marie Kemp, and Joanne Kemp.

Flint Twp (MI) & Bay Mills Indian Community
The morning of November 3, 2010, a warranty deed was recorded with Genesee County (MI) whereby Norel Enterprises Inc. transferred a 28-acre parcel of undeveloped land in Flint Township (Dutcher Rd. @ Lennon Rd.) to Joann Marie Kemp. 

That afternoon (11.03.2010), a Quitclaim Deed was recorded with Genesee County whereby Joann Kemp had immediately turned around and transferred the same property to the Bay Mills Indian Community. 

No "Consideration" of terms (price of sale) was publicly available for either transaction.  There is an assessed value of $396,000. An online search of public records suggests that Kemp may have acquired the land from Norel for $260,000.

A Warranty Deed was drawn up on the same day (11.03.2010) whereby Kemp granted title to the Flint Township property to the Bay Mills Indian Community, and that document recorded with Genesee County December 17, 2010. Nine months later, leaders of the Bay Mills tribe confirmed they have interest in developing a casino on the site.

Michael Malik/Bay Mills/Harsens Island Connection 
For nearly two decades, Michael Malik (Blue Water Resorts), a would-be developer, has been behind the Bay Mills Indian Community's attempts to locate off-reservation casinos in Michigan. 

During that same period, Malik (Lucky 7 Development/Grande Pointe Development) has also failed to win approvals of various marina development plans for Harsens Island (MI).  Malik  is an Ilitch family agent/business partner with an office in the executive suites of Ilitch Holdings, Inc., at Detroit's Fox Theater.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fire Fighters and Local Residents have concerns about Bay Mills Casino Plans in Flint Township

Bay Mills to Flint Township: 'Let's work out a deal'

By Kristen Abraham - bio | email

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FLINT TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (10/03/11) - Plans to bring more economic development to Genesee County could include a casino. The Bay Mills Indian Community owns 28 acres north of Genesee Valley Center near Lennon and Dutcher Roads and have yet to determine what they plan to do with the property.

Tribe President Jeff Parker said it could be anything from a casino to a charter school. "The tribe has the opportunity to engage in all kinds of economic development and those jobs would be open to anybody."

Bay Mills has two casino resorts in Brimley, which is the Upper Peninsula, 25 miles west of Sault Saint Marie. Through a land settlement act, the tribe bought property in Flint Township and up north in Vanderbilt. [See Map]

But Bay Mills is trying to settle a lawsuit challenging whether an off-reservation casino can be built there. "The status of the land today is it's Indian lands, the question is it legible for gaming, we will see. But that doesn't mean tribes don't bring specific opportunities to local areas," Parker said.

Ken Berg of Flint Township lives in a subdivision across the street from the tribal property. "What happens to our property values, what happens to the crime rate, they're not concerned about that. They want the money," he said. "I'm concerned that they can say something, and they don't have to follow it because they arn't governed by the same laws we are."

Bay Mills wants to work out an arrangement with the township for Police and Fire protection. Firefighter Kevin Clary isn't sold on the idea. "Everything that came out of their mouth basically was, 'it's our land, we're going to do what we want do.' We are just here saying 'hey this is what we would like you to do.'"

But not everyone opposes a gaming facility. Ed Linn thinks a casino would be a good investment for the community. "I won't have to go Vegas or Atlantic City, I can hop on my bike and go gamble."

Reaction to Possible Bay Mills Casino in Flint Township Mixed

Casino could come to Flint Twp., residents have mixed reactions

FLINT TWP. -- The Bay Mills Indian Community wants to build a casino on 28 acres of land in Flint Township.

The Flint Journal reports the development, which the group hopes to build on Lennon and Dutcher Roads, could bring 700 jobs to the area.

NBC25 asked several people in the community their reaction to the proposal. Shannon Ash says, “Sound promising, but I want to know more details.”  Tina Nelson stated, “At this day in age I think it's the last thing flint needs… I don't think the people around here need to be going to the casino first thing, and secondly I’d like to see the money going to something better than a casino." Michael Biernett told NBC25, "Even though it may bring 700 jobs, it may wreck somebody's family. Family is worth more than 700 jobs."

At a meeting Monday night, a Bay Mills executive council chairman said he's focusing on building a relationship with Flint Township leaders and public safety.

He added talk of a casino is just talk for the time being.

"We're not talking about a casino. What we're talking about is developing a relationship between Bay Mills and Flint Township and we're going to be coming down here several times to have forums where can come in and discuss resident concerns, their ideas, and suggestions on how we can go forward collectively," said Parker.

The Bay Mills Indian community does not need permission from Flint Township to start the project however a spokesperson for Saginaw Chippewa Tribe had some objections and showed up at Monday night's meeting.

"We're against the Bay Mills going 280 miles from it's reservation to open a casino in Flint Township. We do not believe the land they purchased in Flint Township is Indian lands. We think it's held like any other lands would be held under state jurisdiction and the township could collect taxes for the land," said James Nye, Saginaw Chippewa Tribe spokesperson.

Parker says the Flint Township project is on hold until a federal court case is settled.  Bay Mills is being sued by the state for opening a casino in Vanderbilt. The lawsuit claims Bay Mills did not have the right approvals in place.

We want to hear your opinion. How do you feel about a casino being built near the Genesee Valley Shopping Center in Flint Township?   Tell us in the comment section below.

Detroit Casino Syndicators: Strather, Celani, Malik & Ilitch

Herb StratherTom CelaniMichael Malik & Marian Ilitch were among those who pushed for commercial gambling in Detroit in the mid 1990s.  They were also chief backers of Detroit’s MotorCity Casino.  However, in 1999 Malik and Strather failed to receive gaming licenses from the Michigan Gaming Control Board and were among those forced to divest themselves of any interest in MotorCity Casino before the gambling hall opened its doors to the public.

Herb Strather
Strather’s original Detroit-based Atwater casino syndication moved on to form AtMashpee LLC and push the Recognition and Cape Cod casino development plans of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe. Another Strather affiliate Maushop LLC purchased 28 acres of land on Cape Cod. Strather would later reveal that South African casino moguls Sol Kerzner and Len Wolman were the primary investors in the Mashpee venture. And in 2008, further controversy ensued when Mashpee tribal chairman Glenn Marshall admitted to federal investigators that Strather had funneled $4 million to him which was used in an illegal political contributions scheme and to pay personal bills.

In 2005, Ilitch bought out Celani, Mirage Resorts and others who were part of the original MotorCity Casino syndication.

Tom Celani
Celani, a one-time beer distributor, organized Luna Entertainment.  He had been a founder of Sodak Gaming, Inc. which was acquired by International Game Technology.  He subsequently was licensed for gaming in Nevada and took over management of the famed Cal-Neva Casino previously owned by Frank Sinatra and frequented by Sinatra's "Rat Pack" entertainment pals.

Among other gaming facilities, Celani has since become licensed to own/operate, the Fortune Valley Hotel and Casino (CO), Red Dolly Casino (CO), Rolling Hills Casino (CA), and the Kiowa Red River Casino (OK). Of those Detroiters behind the original MotorCity Casino syndication and relative to the breadth of his gaming involvement, Celani has been the least controversial and most successful opening or acquiring new casinos outside of Michigan. Celani Profile.

Despite Malik's 1999 failure to obtain a gaming license in Michigan, Malik and Ilitch have continued as business partners. They have been relentless in their pursuits to develop and manage Indian casinos in partnership with the Bay Mills Indian Community (MI), Los Coyotes Band of Indians (CA), Big Lagoon Rancheria (CA), Shinnecock Indian Nation (NY) spending millions on lobbying, political campaign contributions and legal work. 

Similar to Strather’s AtMashpee LLC group, Malik/Ilitch organized Gateway Casino Resorts to bankroll Federal Recognition of the Shinnecock Nation.  And like Strather, they believe that investment bought them the rights to develop and manage any future Shinnecock gaming facility. Currently they are banking on approval of plans to develop a Shinnecock casino and hotel at Belmont Racetrack on Long Island (NY). 

Although Malik/Ilitch gambling pursuits have been many and they have organized dozens of affiliates to bankroll Native American casino development plans in three states, Malik/Ilitch have failed to successfully open any new gambling facilities since Malik failed to earn a gaming license and they parted company with Celani.  

Further, while chasing casino development opportunities with Ilitch, Malik has been involved in numerous controversies including: a federal ponzi scheme case; defaults on both property taxes and a $1 million line of credit; and multiple violations of California political campaign contribution laws.

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Monday, October 03, 2011

Latest on Bay Mills Casino Schemes backed by Michael Malik and Detroit's Ilitch Family

The Bay Mills Indian Community owns  two casinos (Kings Club Casino and Bay Mills Resort & Casino) in Brimley (MI).

For nearly two decades, Bay Mills has attempted to get approvals to build a casino resort in Port Huron, 350 miles away from its Upper Peninsula Reservation.  Detroit casino syndicator Michael Malik (Blue Water Resorts), with support from Marian Ilitch – her family owns the Detroit Tiger (MLB) and Red Wings (NHL), MotorCity Casino and Little Caesars pizza – has been the driving force behind the Bay Mills schemes.  They’ve spent millions lobbying local, state and federal officials and benefiting the campaign coffers of politicians who they have leaned on for support.

In 1993, Port Huron voters rejected Malik’s plan to develop a Bay Mills casino in partnership with Harrah’s.

For the better part of the last decade, their schemes have centered on a Land Claims Settlement they had negotiated with former Governor John Engler in the final days of his administration.  Malik and cronies had acquired control of properties in Charlotte Beach (MI) where Bay Mills had made land claims.  Those properties were to be leveraged to gain the right to build in Port Huron.

During 2010 Bay Mills acquired properties in Flint, Vanderbilt and Port Huron (MI).

With little to lose and much to gain, the Bay Mills Indian Community opened a mini-casino in Vanderbilt (MI) on Nov 3, 2010. The 1,200 square foot facility, located 100 miles from the Bay Mills Reservation, had 38 slot machines. (Bay Mills Press Release)

On the same day, leaders of five other Michigan Tribes released a joint statement calling on the National Indian Gaming Commission, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Department of the Interior to work together with  Michigan’s Governor and Attorney General to take swift and immediate action to close what they called an “illegal gaming operation.”

The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC Opinion) and U.S. Department of Interior (Solicitor's Opinion) have opined the Vanderbilt casino is not on Indian Lands and is therefore illegal.  

In December 2010, the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians and Michigan’s Attorney General filed lawsuits seeking to shut down the Vanderbilt casino. (Petoskey News)

In January 2011, Bay Mills completed an expansion of the Vanderbilt casino more than doubling its size to 2,600 sq. ft.

On March 3, 2011, Bay Mills was ordered to shutter the Vanderbilt casino. In that ruling (Pgs 10-11), Judge Paul L. Maloney says the Vanderbilt property does not qualify as "Indian Lands" and as such is not exempt from the usual taxes, fees, codes and regulations.

A complicated and sure to be precedent setting legal challenge has ensued.  The blog Turtle Talk, and are resources of details and updates on the court activity.

Bay Mills leaders are expected to make a presentation to the Flint Township Board on Monday, October 3rd at 7:00 PM.  It has been rumored they plan to reveal plans for another off-reservation casino on 28 acres they acquired in Flint last December. (10.03.11 | Agenda)

 Rep. Dale Kildee (D-Flint) says it is highly unlikely Bay Mills can get the approvals to open a Flint casino.

It has been reported that if the play in Vanderbilt succeeds, Bay Mills plans to convert the old Port Huron post office on Military Street into a temporary casino with 1,500 slot machines.

Eventually, Bay Mills intends to build a permanent casino and luxury hotel at Desmond Landing, where the tribe owns 16.5 acres.

Five Opposing Tribes: Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, the Gun Lake Tribe of Pottawatomi Indians, the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, the Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi Indians and the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe.

Who is Joann Kemp? A donor to Sen. Carl Levin who failed to disclose Employer/Occupation with her $1000 check

Campaign Disclosure Record
Joann Kemp | Sen. Carl Levin
On March 30, 2007, Joann Kemp (Mrs. William R. Kemp) of Harrison Township (MI) gave U.S. Sen. Carl Levin a $1000 check for his re-election campaign. It appears after searching and, to be the only time Mrs.  Kemp has ever contributed to a federal election campaign. In giving Levin the $1000, she failed to provide details about her employer/employment and occupation as required by the Federal Election Commission. Levin's campaign reported that they requested the detail but it does not appear Mrs. Kemp has ever complied. (Original Document Filed with FEC)

Ironically March 30, 2007, is the same day that Michael Malik and Marian Ilitch, proponents of a Bay Mills Indian Community Casino in Port Huron corralled family, friends, business associates, partners, agents and fellow Bay Mills Casino supporters together to help raise almost $100,000 for Levin's re-election campaign. That following summer Levin, who had been previously disinterested in the schemes to build a Bay Mills Casino in Port Huron, announced his active support.

Fast forward....

The morning of November 3, 2010, a warranty deed was recorded with Genesee County (MI) whereby Norel Enterprises Inc. transferred a 28 acre parcel of undeveloped land in Flint Township (Dutcher Rd. @ Lennon Rd.) to Joann Marie Kemp (aka Joanne Marie Kemp). That afternoon a Quitclaim Deed was recorded whereby Joann Kemp immediately turned around and transferred the same property to the Bay Mills Indian Community. It is believed the tribe and it's developers want to establish a casino on the property.

In a further twist of irony, or perhaps not... R. Thomas Vigliotti the Detroit real estate broker who reportedly handled the transactions involving Mrs. Kemp was one of those who also contributed $1000 to Sen. Levin on March 30, 2007.

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Detroit Casino Syndicator in default on property linked to future casino development

Herb Strather
Detroit Casino syndicator Herb Strather says the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe of Massachusetts owes him $25 million.

Strather, who has been a controversial character in Detroit for decades, says he bankrolled the tribe’s federal recognition effort.  Now he wants a payout from any gaming facility the tribe opens.  After all, that is why he organized a syndicate to bankroll the federal recognition campaign.

Among other things, Strather claims that the tribe has reneged on a handshake deal to make mortgage payments for Maushop Farm, a horse stable in Mashpee (MA). Strather affiliate Maushop LLC purchased the property in 2001 with a $682,500 Bank of America mortgage. Strather says he planned to donate Maushop Farms to the Wampanoag once a casino was built. Now, Strather tells the Cap Cod Times he is in default on the mortgage. 

Maushop Farms is located at 218 Sampsons Mill Road, Mashpee, MA 02649.

NOTE: To see the deed and recorded mortgage document signed by Maushop Manager Frederick C. Grosser visit  In Public Access (box pg left) click “Free Access.”  Then “Click here to Search Public Records.”  Then click “Recorded Land by Name.” In the Last/Corp name box type Maushop LLC. Scroll down and click “Search.”  Your search results should include the Deed, Mortgage Instrument and several liens.

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Bay Mills Indian Community purchases 30 acres of land in Flint Township | WJRT-TV


Bay Mills Indian Community purchases 30 acres of land in Flint Township | WJRT-TV

GENESEE COUNTY -- (12/30/10)--The Bay Mills Indian Community has purchased 30 acres of land in Flint Township but has not publicly said what it intends to do with it.

The property is located at the northeast corner of Lennon and Dutcher roads. The quit claim deed for the site was recently filed with the Genesee County Register of Deeds.

The speculation is a casino could be built at the site.

The Bay Mills Tribe already operates a small casino in the northern Michigan community of Vanderbilt.

Google Maps: Bay Mills Indian Community Current/Proposed Casino Sites

The Bay Mills Indian Community has its reservation in Brimley (MI) where it also operates two casinos.

The tribe acquired properties in Flint Township, Port Huron and Vanderbilt (MI) during 2010. It opened a small casino in Vanderbilt in November 2010 but that facility was ordered closed by Court Order in Spring 2011. The tribe has indicated it will open a casino with 1,500 slots on the Port Huron site (former Port Huron Post Office) in the next 12-18 months. Tribal leaders will appear before the Flint Township Board on Monday, Oct 3rd, where it is rumored they will unveil plans for a casino at that location.

This Google map plots the Bay Mills current/proposed casino locations:

View Bay Mills Indian Community Lands in a larger map

For more than two decades, Detroit casino syndicator Michael Malik (Blue Water Resorts), with support from Detroit's Ilitch family (namely Mrs. Marian Ilitch), has bankrolled and pushed various failed Bay Mills casino schemes for Port Huron. During that same time, Malik (Lucky 7 Development, Grande Pointe Development) has also failed to win approval for various schemes to develop a marina on Harsens Island.

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