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Former Hawaii Gov. Waihee to Decide Who Gets Added to Roll of Native Hawaiians

Abercrombie Appoints Waihee, Danner to Decide which Native Hawaiians are "Qualified"
Governor Appoints Native Hawaiian Roll Commission

Waihee at Governor's Press Conference
Announcing Hawaiian Rolls Commission
Honolulu – Governor Neil Abercrombie today announced his appointments for the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission (NHRC). Established in July when Governor Abercrombie signed Act 195, the NHRC starts the process that will eventually lead to federal recognition of Native Hawaiians.

The Commission is composed of five members, one from each county and one at-large seat. They are: former Governor John D. Waihe'e (At-Large), Lei Kihoi (Hawai'i), Mahealani Perez-Wendt (Maui), Na'alehu Anthony (O'ahu), and Robin Puanani Danner (Kaua'i).

“These individuals represent various sectors of the Hawaiian community. Each brings experience, talent, knowledge, and skills that collectively create a broad-based team,” Governor Abercrombie said. “This team will put together the roll of qualified and interested Native Hawaiians who want to help determine the course of Hawai'i’s indigenous people.”

The Commission will be responsible for preparing and maintaining a roll of qualified Native Hawaiians as defined by the Act. Once its work is completed, the Governor will dissolve the Commission. The roll is to be used as the basis for participation in the organization of a Native Hawaiian governing entity.

“Now is the time to unify as a people,” said At-Large Commissioner Waihe'e. “The belief in our nation building process is being realized. It has been a long time coming but today we have a renewed sense of confidence for our people and our future.”

About the Native Hawaiian Roll Commissioners:

John D. Waihe'e III is the appointed At-Large commissioner. After serving as Lt. Governor under Governor George Ariyoshi, Waihe'e became the first Native Hawaiian Governor and served two terms from 1986 to 1994. His administration created the A-plus after-school-care program, restored more than 16,000 acres of public lands to the Hawaiian Home Lands Trust, and created a committee to help define sovereignty. In 1993, he created the Hawaiian Sovereignty Advisory Commission. Waihe'e, 65, became active in politics after serving as a delegate on the 1978 Hawai'i State Constitutional Convention where he was instrumental in the creation of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. He earned his undergraduate degree at Andrews University in Michigan and was a member of the first graduating class of the William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawai'i. Waihe'e lives in Honolulu...

(Complete Story/Other Appointees Bios)

Shinnecock Nation Chair Testifies at Joint Senate Hearing in Albany on Gaming

A Joint Public Hearing of the New York State Senate Committee on Racing, Gaming & Wagering and New York State Senate Committee on the Judiciary was held 9.07.2011 in Albany.

Randy King, chair of the Shinnecock Indian Nation was first to present public testimony at the hearing. Here's his testimony (reader embedded below) as presented for the record and archived at Scribd:

Agenda and Complete Testimony as presented at the 9.07.2011 Hearing. (.pdf

See other documents at

D.C. Lobbyists Paid $2.33 Million to Advance Shinnecock Casinos

D.C. Lobbyists were paid more than $2.33 million in the quest for federal recognition of New York’s Shinnecock Indian Nation.

Somehow the poor impoverished Shinnecock Indian Nation paid $1.25 million to lobbying firms in its quest for Recognition that would lay the groundwork to develop casinos on Long Island.  Amended lobbying disclosures report that Gateway Casino Resorts pays the lobbying bills and controls the lobbying contracts for the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

Additionally, Gateway Casino Resorts, the Detroit-based investment group behind the tribe’s casino plans, paid more than $1.08 million to D.C. lobbyists during the same period of time.

Washington D.C. Lobbying Payments

(Registered Lobbying Client)
Lobbying Payments
(through 2011)




Originally organized as Empire Ventures, L.L.C. in 2003, and then changed to Empire Associates, L.L.C., when amended Articles of Organizations were filed in 2004; the investors group fronted by Detroiters Michael Malik and Marian Ilitch, began reporting its name as Gateway Casino Resorts, L.L.C., with its 2005 annual corporate filing.  The first lobbying reports were filed in Washington, D.C. that same year.

Ilitch owns among other things, Detroit’s MotorCity Casino.  Malik had been one of the “founders” of MotorCity Casino but failed to win a Michigan gambling license in 1999 and was forced  to drop out of the Atwater Associates syndication (MotorCity's investment group) before the casino could open its doors. 

Another Atwater partner was Herb Strather.  Like Malik, controversy seems to follow Strather.  After both being cut-out of MotorCity Casino before the gambling hall could open its doors, each pursued similar casino development schemes elsewhere. 

Malik has pursued casino development plans for Long Island and Strather pursued similar plans for Cape Cod.  They used financing and influence models similar to those that had worked for them earlier in Detroit. In fact, three quarters of those parties investing in Strather's Cape Cod syndicate had also been investors in one of the earlier entities that morphed into MotorCity Casino.

Strather’s schemes, unlike Malik’s, were scandalously exposed in 2007.  Strather had been fronting for silent partners Len Wolman, Sol Kerzner, international casino moguls. The chairman of the Mashpee Tribe, partners with Strather’s investors group, was arrested for fraud and various schemes they had concocted to fund lobbying and political campaign contributions -- schemes that had earlier/elsewhere gone unnoticed or undetected.

Congress Attempts to Rein In Scramble for Off-Reservation Casinos

excerpted from...
Corporate Counsel

The Big Federal Gamble
Congress looks at bills on online poker and off-reservation casinos

By Andrew Ramonas
...According to the department, only five tribes have received authorization for off-reservation gambling since the 1988 enactment of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which established federal regulations for tribal gambling operations.

Currently, tribes wishing to open a gambling facility in off-reservation lands obtained in trust after 1988 must secure support from Interior, and the governor of the state where the facility would be located. But bills offered this year by sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) would place more restrictions on off-reservation gambling.

The Off-Reservation Land Acquisition Guidance Act, which McCain introduced in July, would codify off-reservation language in a George W. Bush-era memorandum rescinded by the Obama administration. The 2008 directive required American Indian communities to place any off-reservation gambling facility in a location that was within a "commutable distance from the reservation."

In July, McCain praised the jobs that have resulted from Indian casinos. "However, the process of taking land into trust, if left unchecked, can easily be exploited by non-native casino developers," he said...
Read Complete Article 

Who Really Paid D.C. Lobbyists $5.6 Million? Poor Impoverished Tribes? "Investors" With Their Own Financial Woes?

Poor Tribes' Investors
Have Own Financial Woe

How is it that three so-called poor, impoverished tribes and their so-called investors who have financial woes of their own, managed to pay $5.6 million to Washington D.C. lobbyists in pursuit of gambling halls?

The Bay Mills Indian Community, Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians, and the Shinnecock Indian Nation, have often been described as “poor” and/or “impoverished.”  That, as they have pleaded, is why they should be allowed to build off-reservation casinos. 

Those who are reportedly bankrolling these tribes’ still unapproved casino schemes, Detroiters Michael Malik and Marian Ilitch, have had their own unfortunate financial woes.

Property controlled or owned by controversial casino investor Michael Malik has been delinquent on property taxes, seized for delinquent taxes and even gone into foreclosure.  He was in default on a $1 million line of credit and had to repay $170,000 in ill-gotten funds to a Receivership charged with sorting out a federal Ponzi scheme case. Michigan gaming regulators have failed to grant Malik a gambling license and he has a track record of violating political campaign finance laws and hiring shady Capitol Hill lobbyists.  

Marian Ilitch bought controlling interest in Detroit’s MotorCity Casino from Las Vegas-based Mandalay Resorts/Mirage in 2005. The parent company of that gambling hall (CCM Merger) controlled by Mrs. Ilitch  has since seen its credit ratings drop and been in violation of covenants with its investors.

Who really put up the $5.6 million?  

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Governor Andrew Cuomo on the Future of Gaming in New York [VIDEO]

Allowing for commercial casinos in New York has gained some traction because Gov. Andrew Cuomo signaled recently he's reviewing the idea. He reiterated that stance Wednesday in Buffalo.

"We're looking. We're researching," Cuomo said "They are complicated matters, and there are positives and negatives. It's not a simple issue, that's why we're taking our time and researching all available options to the state when it comes to gaming."

Watch this video to Hear Gov. Cuomo's remarks as broadcast (9.07.2011) on New York's WGRZ NBC-2 news program:

click arrow below to view video here

Joint New York Senate Committees Hear Expanded Gaming Testimony; Shinnecock Chair Appears


By Aaron Scholder
Gannett Albany Bureau
ALBANY - A coalition of the state's nine racetracks made its case Wednesday to legalize casinos in New York, saying the state should let the tracks add table games to their gambling offerings.

Native-American tribes also testified at the same state Senate hearing Wednesday on whether New York should pass a constitutional amendment to legalize privately run casinos. Full-scale casinos are currently banned except on Indian reservations.

Allowing for commercial casinos in New York has gained some traction because Gov. Andrew Cuomo signaled recently he's reviewing the idea. He reiterated that stance Wednesday in Buffalo.

"We're looking. We're researching," Cuomo said after touring a 9/11 exhibit. "They are complicated matters, and there are positives and negatives. It's not a simple issue, that's why we're taking our time and researching all available options to the state when it comes to gaming…

Randy King, trustee chairman of the Shinnecock Indian Nation, which wants to build a casino on Long Island, urged the senators to allow the tribe to open a casino. Kim Vele, president of the Stockbridge Munsee Community, which wants to build a casino in the Catskills, made a similar argument that her tribe has the legal rights to build a casino.

To change the state constitution, the Legislature would have to pass the measure in consecutive, separately elected legislative sessions. Then it would head to the voters.

So lawmakers would have to pass the bill next year and then again in 2013 - when a newly elected Legislature would be seated - in order to have it on the ballot in November 2013…

Shinnecock Casino Backers have dropped $107,500 on top-ranking NY Politicians

UPDATED: Gov. Cuomo rejected a $10,000 contribution from Malik.

During the last several election cycles, controversial Detroit gambling promoter Michael Malik has given (or bundled along with contributions from his partners Marian and Mike Ilitch) campaign contributions to these top-ranking New York politicians:

Rep. Timothy Bishop
Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
Rep. Charlie Rangel
Sen. Chuck Schumer

Malik & Ilitch are managers of affiliates said to be bankrolling and pushing plans by the Shinnecock Indian Nation to develop casinos on New York’s Long Island.  Among other gambling hall schemes, they seek to build a casino and related projects at Belmont Park near the famed race track.

During the 2010 election cycle Rep. Bishop came under fire for accepting contributions from Malik.  It was reported that Rep. Bishop would return the funds he received from Malik.  He did not.  Rather, according to records available at, Bishop accepted an additional $2,500 from Malik on March 31, 2011.

Funds from Malik/Ilitch began flowing to Rep. Rangel at a time when other previously loyal donors abandoned Rangel because he was under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.  As the powerful chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, Rep. Rangel oversees tax matters and policy critical to Malik/Ilitch casino development schemes and has sway with other House leaders and New Yorkers.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand can be helpful to Malik/Ilitch as powerful members of the Senate.  Among other things, Malik/Ilitch affiliates have previously lobbied U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid unsuccessfully on matters and approvals needed for their casino schemes.  As has reported in multiple posts, they have previously relied upon, and heavily financed, Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow who has come up short on their behalf.  Malik also gave $30,400 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee which was likely directed to the 2010 re-election/election campaigns of Schumer/Gillibrand.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will have decision-making authority impacting Ilitch/Malik (Gateway Casino Resorts, Shinnecock Indian Nation) gaming schemes on Long Island. Questions have been raised surrounding the reporting of Malik’s $15,000 in contributions to Cuomo.  Further, Malik contributed $10,000 to the New York State Democratic Party that could have also been used to benefit Governor Cuomo.

During the Fall 2010 elections, two New York State Senators said they would return campaign contributions from Malik because of various controversies involving the Detroit casino promoter.

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Sept 14 is BIA Deadline for EIS Public Comment on Barstow Casino Scheme (Los Coyotes with Barwest/Ilitch/Malik)

REMINDER:  The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is taking comments on the environmental impact statement for the proposed Los Coyotes/Barwest (Marian Ilitch/Michael Malik) Barstow casino.  The deadline for public comment is September 14. Barstow (San Bernardino County) is more than 100 miles from the Los Coyotes reservation (San Diego County).

The BIA is reviewing the proposed Los Coyotes/Barwest casino under the two-part determination section of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.  A bill, S.1424, intended to restrict off-reservation gaming has been introduced by U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona).  If approved, it would replace that two-part determination section with an entirely new set of standards and conditions.

Contact Info:
U.S. Department of Interior,
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Pacific Region
2800 Cottage Way
Room W-2820
Sacramento, CA 95825

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Really? Poor Impoverished Indian Tribes have spent $5.6 million Lobbying for Casinos

An analysis of lobbying records available through and the U.S. Senate Office of Public Records, three “poor, impoverished” Indian tribes and, or more likely, their casino “investors” have spent $5.6 million lobbying Capitol Hill and federal regulators primarily to approve measures intended to allow off-reservation casinos in Port Huron (MI), Barstow (CA) and Long Island (NY). Complete Breakdown. 

(& Detroit Partners)*
Total Lobbying Payments
Bay Mills Indian Community (w/ Blue Water Resorts + MJM Enterprises & Development) Port Huron, MI
Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians (w/ Barwest) Barstow, CA
Shinnecock Indian Nation (w/Gateway Casino Resorts) Long Island, NY
* Does not include Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

These “investors” bankrolling and driving the bids for off-reservation gambling halls are part of several investment syndicates and managers organized by Detroiters Michael Malik and Marian Ilitch.  Their casino syndicates have previously included the likes of Las Vegas-based MGM Mirage and Mandalay Resorts.

Mrs. Ilitch bought controlling interest in Detroit’s MotorCity Casino from Las Vegas-based Mandalay Resorts/Mirage in 2005 and which has since seen its credit ratings drop; and along with her husband Mike Ilitch, she co-founded the Little Caesars pizza chain. They own the Detroit Red Wings hockey franchise. Mr. Ilitch owns the Detroit Tigers baseball team.  These and most other Ilitch family affiliates are under the Ilitch Holdings, Inc., umbrella.

Shinnecock will make case for casinos at Hamptons League of Women Voters

Press Release
Leaders of the "impoverished" Shinnecock Indian Nation will appear before the League of Women Voters of the Hamptons on Monday, September 12, 2011, at 7:00 PM, Hampton Bays Senior Center.  According to a League press release, Shinnecock Chairman Randy King and Trustee Gerrod T. Smith will present "The Shinnecock Indian Nation: Its Past & Future."

This dog and pony show is certainly an educational outreach effort intended to win friends and influence people who can help the tribe and its Detroit-based investors group develop casinos on Long Island.

As reported in the Daily News, an investors group known as Gateway Casino Resorts, was formed by Detroiters Marian Ilitch and Michael Malik for the sole purpose of partnering with the Shinnecock to advance various casino development proposals on Long Island. Crain's Detroit Business reported that they could spend upwards of $1 billion developing Long Island casino projects.

Ilitch and her husband Mike co-founded the Little Caesars pizza chain. He owns the Detroit Tigers. Marian Ilitch bought controlling interest in Detroit's MotorCity Casino from Las Vegas-based Mandalay Resorts in 2005.

Since Ilitch took the helm, MotorCity Casino and its parent company CCM Merger, Inc., have been faced with financial woes. Ilitch got the gambling hall deeper in debt by building on a hotel and conference space.  As such, the company was too highly leveraged.  In fact, so leveraged that she was in violation of covenants with nervous investors. Investors demanded that Ilitch personally inject MotorCity Casino with $45 million cash; and Moody's placed the casino property's parent company, CCM Merger, Inc., on its "Bottom Rung" list anticipating the company could go into default.

Michael Malik is a controversial syndicator who, despite representations, has failed to develop any new casinos since he and Ilitch parted company with former partner Tom Celani more than a decade ago.

Somehow, the "impoverished tribe" and its investors group have spent nearly $2.3 million lobbying for their casino plans in Washington, D.C. In addition, according to information available at,  Malik and the Ilitches have already dropped at least $120,000 in the campaign war-chests of Governor Andrew Cuomo, U.S. Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, and Reps. Charlie Rangel and Tim Bishop.

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Ilitch Family Amasses Debt for Sports, Entertainment & Gambling Affiliates

Debt Part of Ilitch Equation
Featured originally as a side-bar to a story entitled Ilitch teams with tribe on N.Y. casinos: Long Island plans could top $1 billion

By Bill Shea

As the Ilitch family assesses how it will pay for the Detroit Pistons, Palace Sports & Entertainment Inc. and possibly a new downtown arena, debt remains on the family's past projects.

In January 2009, Marian Ilitch injected $45 million into her MotorCity Casino after lenders -- including Highland Capital Management LP -- threatened to hike interest rates to 18 percent on the $625 million loan her CCM Merger Inc. got in 2005 to finance purchase of the casino and for the later construction of its 300-room hotel.

The lenders reportedly wanted the additional investment because the casino was in jeopardy of violating its loan terms, a situation created when gambling revenue began to fall with the recession.

Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch arranged the loan in 2005.

The total financing for MotorCity is believed to be $950 million through a highly leveraged mix of fixed- and variable-rate bank debt and junk bonds, according to Forbes.

Ilitch paid $525 million to buy the majority ownership of the casino in April 2005 from Las Vegas-based MGM Grand/Mirage Casinos' Mandalay Resort Group, the MGM subsidiary that owned MotorCity.

She also paid Detroit entrepreneur Herb Strather $106 million for his Atwater Entertainment Associates LLC's 11.5 percent stake in MotorCity.

Another $85 million to $100 million went to former Ilitch partner Tom Celani for his 10 percent stake.

The Detroit Tigers, owned separately by Mike Ilitch, borrowed $140 million in August 2005 from a syndicate of 11 financial institutions, led by what is now Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, to refinance what had been $115 million remaining in debt from the original $145 million loan to build Comerica Park, industry magazine Sports Business Journal reported at the time.

The team has declined to comment on its current stadium debt.

Public debt on Comerica Park is through the Detroit-Wayne County Stadium Authority.

UPDATED: 165+ Affiliates of Detroit Casino Syndicators Michael Malik & Mrs. Marian Ilitch

In addition to the Ilitch Family's established brands (entities that fall under the umbrella of Ilitch Holdings, Inc.), the majority of entities listed below are controlled by or have/had an affiliation with Marian Ilitch, Mike Ilitch, Michael J. Malik or their various partners in casino syndication opportunities.

Records on file with the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Development indicate most of these listed entities are registered at one of two locations:
  • 2211 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48201 (The Fox Office Centre headquarters of Ilitch Holdings, Inc.); or
  • 280 W Maple, Birmingham, MI 48009 (the law offices of Ehrlich, Foley & Serwer).
In most cases, the entities listed here have identified one of the following individuals as its “registered agent” on file with the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Development:
  • Cheryl Scott-Dube,
  • John M. Kotlar,
  • Michael J. Malik, Sr.,
  • William D. Serwer
  • Joseph H. Ehrlich
The following are the many restaurant, entertainment, tourism, gaming and development entities believed to be (or have been) controlled by or affiliated with Marian Ilitch, Mike Ilitch or Michael J. Malik, Sr. The majority of these entities are related to various casino/development projects:
Atwater Casino Group
Atwater Companies, LLC
Atwater Detroit Corp
Atwater Development Company
Atwater Entertainment Associates LLC
Atwater Entertainment Productions, LLC
The Atwater Fund, LLC

Atwater Limousine Service
Atwater Management Corp. (DELLC)

Ballpark Operations Management, Inc.

Barstow Citizens for Real Economic Development
Barwest Gaming
Barwest Holdings, LLC
BarWest LLC
Barwest Manager, Inc.
Barwest, Inc.
Blue Line Distributing, Inc.
Blue Line Foods, Inc.
Blue Line Foodservice Distribution

Blue Water Equities, L.L.C.
Blue Water Holdings I, LLC
Blue Water Resorts Manager, Inc.
Blue Water Resorts, LLC
Border Crossing South, LLC
Caesar Fund Inc.

Cass Avenue LLC
Casino Funding Enterprises LLC
CB Property Holdings, Inc.
CB Property Investments LLC (Charlotte Beach)
CCM Merger, Inc (merged with Circus Circus Michigan)
CCM Merger Sub, Inc.
Champion Foods
Christopher P. Ilitch Revocable Trust

Chromatics (a DELLC dba)
Citizens For Fair & Responsible Gaming (a DELLC dba)
City Theater
Classic Buffet (a DELLC dba)
Classics Buffet (a DELLC dba)
Club Metro (a DELLC dba)
Club Metro Signature (a DELLC dba)
Cobo Arena (an Olympia Entertainment dba)
Dellc or DELLC (Detroit Entertainment LLC dba)
Detroit Entertainment LLC (dba MotorCity Casino, etc.)
Detroit Tigers, Inc.
Detroit Tigers Latin American Operations, Inc.

Detroit Red Wings
Downriver Properties & Land Development, Inc.

Elizabeth Street Properties LLC
Empire Associates, LLC
Empire Ventures, LLC
The Fox Theater (an Olympia Entertainment dba)
Gaming Entertainment Michigan (GEM) LLC
Gateway Casino Resorts, LLC (Hamptons/Long Island, NY Casino)
Gateway Funding Associates
Gateway Holdings, LLC
Gateway Manager, Inc.

Grand River Deli (a DELLC dba)
GP Development LLC
Hawaii Entertainment Associates, LLC
Hawaiian Manager, LLC
Holomua Hawaii
High Octane Café (a DELLC dba)
Hockeytown Cafe (an Olympia Entertainment dba)
I.E. Enterprises
IH Gaming, Inc. (successor of Circus Circus Michigan, Inc.)
IH Indemnity, LLC
IH Management, Inc.
I.H. Management, L.L.C.

Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
Innkeepers Managment LLC (owns Thomas Edison Inn)
Iridescence Experience (a DELLC dba)
Iridescence Restaurant (a DELLC dba)
Joe Louis Arena (an Olympia Entertainment dba)
JR Property Holdings, LLC (Heather Lufkins Robinson lawsuit)
J.R. Michigan LLC (Johnny Rockets)

Lakeland Tigers Food Service, Inc.
LC/CS Westland Inc. (Little Caesars/Chicken Shack)
LCB Barwest Holdings, LLC
LCB Barwest Manager, Inc.
LCB Barwest, LLC
Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. (multiple dba's)
Little Caesars International (See:
List of 28 Other Assumed Names)
Little Caesars Pizza
Malik Developments Co

M&M Ventures, Inc.
M & M Ilitch Holdings, Inc. (est. 1997; changed name to Ilitch Holdings, Inc. in 2001)
M & M Realty Holdings, LLC
M & M Realty Holdings II, LLC
Michael Ilitch Trust
Michael J. Malik, Sr. Revocable Living Trust

MJM Barwest, LLC
MJM Bay Mills, Inc
MJM Blue Water, LLC
MJM Blue Water Investors, LLC
MJM Border Holdings, Inc.
MJM Charlotte Beach, LLC
MJM Consulting Associates, LLC
MJM Development Holdings, LLC (?) Delaware 8/21/06
MJM Enterprises
MJM Enterprises Development Co
North American Gaming
MJM Gateway, LLC
MJM Interactive Venture, LLC
MJM Investments, LLC
MJM Manager, Inc.
MJM Manistee Inc.
MJM Music Productions, LLC
MJM Pleasant Family Holdings, LLC
MJM Retail Ventures, LLC
MJM Royal Properties, LLC
MJM Security Venture, LLC
MLC Financial Corporation

MM Annuity I, LLC
MM Annuity II, LLC
MM Family Mineral Ventures, LLC (Michael Malik)
MM Holdings, LLC
MMI Holdings LLC
MRS Holding Company, LLC
Moose Building, LLC
MotorCity Casino (a Detroit Entertainment LLC dba)
MotorCity e-cash (a DELLC dba)
MotorCity Memories (a DELLC dba)
MotorCity Millionaires (a DELLC dba)
MotorCity Pit Stop (a DELLC dba)
MCC Radio (a DELLC dba)
MCC Records (a DELLC dba)
MCC Recording Studio (a DELLC dba)
MotorCity Casino Radio
(a DELLC dba)
MotorCity Casino Records (a DELLC dba)
MV Land Holdings, LLC
North American Gaming Company
(MJM Enterprises Development Company)
Northern Michigan Food Services Company
Olympia Arenas, Inc.
Olympia Aviation, LLC (Tigers/Red Wing Airplane)
Olympia Building Corp.
Olympia Development, LLC
Olympia Development of Michigan, LLC
Olympia Entertainment, Inc.
Olympia Entertainment Overdrive (a DELLC dba)
Olympia Entertainment Tiger Ballpark, Inc. (dba Comerica Park)
Olympia Land Holdings, LLC
Paradice Entertainment and Gaming, LLC
Paradice Feed Company, LLC
Paradice Hunt Club
Paradice Hunt Club II, LLC
Paradice Marketing and Sales, LLC
PKC, L.L.C. of Michigan
Ren Cen 4 Theaters, Inc.

Renegade Charters, LLC
Renegade Charters Manistee, LLC
Second-City, Detroit (an Olympia Entertainment dba)
Seven I's Inc.
Seven I's Realty Holdings, LLC
Signature Club (a DELLC dba)
Taillights (a DELLC dba)
The Atwater Fund, LLC

Tres Vite, Inc.
TS Ventures (Twist & Shout Gourmet Pretzels)
Uptown Entertainment
Vapors (a DELLC dba)
West Grand River Lofts, LLC
X.R.N. L.L.C.
Z.L.M. Corporation

Z.L.M. L.L.C.
Z.R.X. L.L.C
Please contact us via comment or email if you have questions or wish to suggest additions or corrections to these lists. Thanks to all those who have provide insight and information that's helped build this list.

Sunday, September 04, 2011 Casino Stalker August News Archive for CA, MI, NY

TVT relevant news archive
8.02.2011 – 9.02.2011

The Obama administration brought good news and bad news for three California tribes seeking to build casinos. Assistant Secretary Larry Echo Hawk approved land-into-trust applications for the Enterprise Rancheria and the North Fork Rancheria of Mono Indians. Both tribes are...

"Gov. Rick Snyder is opposed to the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians proposed casino in Fruitport Township in part because it's for non-tribal lands, which he said could open up uncontrolled expansion of gambling throughout the state. Not surprising,..

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) opposes an off-reservation casino for the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. The tribe wants to build a casino in Fruitport Township. The site is about 80 miles from the reservation. “I appreciate the tough...

It looks like the Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians is getting some competition for an off-reservation casino in Barstow, California. The Chemehuevi Tribe is reviving plans for a casino in the city. Its original application, like the...

James Ramos, the chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, plans to meet with leaders of the Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians to discuss off-reservation gaming. Ramos and his tribe oppose the casino. They say...

"California voters never approved building tribal casinos at whatever site might get the most business. Tribes should confine gambling operations to reservations, not search for more lucrative locations. The governor and Legislature should reject a San Diego County tribe's proposal...

"With the announcement last week that Interior is going to conduct public hearings on long-stalled casino development in Barstow, California, the City is once again a prominent player in the next round of gaming in Southern California. The latest development...

The Bay Mills Indian Community of Michigan will be back in court next Tuesday, August 9, in a lawsuit over its off-reservation casino. The state of Michigan and the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians are suing the Bay...

The Los Coyotes Band of Cahuilla and Cupeno Indians of California isn't worried about S.1424, a bill to restrict off-reservation gaming. The tribe is pursuing a casino in Barstow, more than 100 miles from the reservation. The bill, if enacted,...

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Ilitch has backed loosing sports teams and pizza, but casinos in Detroit? 10.09.06 ● Marian Ilitch #1 on "25 Most Powerful People" to Watch 2006” global gaming business o1.oo.o5 ● My Kingdom for a Casino Forbes 05.08.06 ● Big Lagoon’s casino dream awakens north coast journal 07.28.05 ● Shinnecocks launch legal claim to Hamptons land 06.16.05 ● Ilitch Plans to Expand Casino Empire 07.05.05 ● Ilitch outbids partners 04.14.05 ● Ilitch enmeshed in NY casino dispute 03.20.05 ● Marian Ilitch, high roller 03.20.05 ● MGM Mirage to Decide on Offer for Casino in Detroit 04.16.05 ● Secret deal for MotorCity alleged 02.15.05 ● Los Coyotes get new developer 02.08.05 Detroit casino figure to finance Barstow project 07.07.03 ● Indian Band trying to put casino in Barstow 06.04.03 Pizza matriarch takes on casino roles 10.23.02 ● Vanderbilt gets short straw in negotiations for a casino Lansing Journal 10.06.02 ● Indians aim to drive family from tribe in vicious dispute san diego union tribune 04.09.00 ●Malik owns 2000 Michigan Quarter Horse of the Year 01.01.00 ● Detroit Team to run Michigan’s newest Indian casino 05.23.99 Tiger ties tangle Marian Ilitch 04.29.99 ● Three investors must sell their Detroit casino interests 04.25.99 ● Partners’ cash revived election; They say money was crucial to Prop-E 04.25.99 Investors have troubled histories las vegas review journal 04.27.99 ● Investor served probation for domestic assault on 12 year old boy 04.25.99 Can a pair win a jackpot?: local men hope to... 03.17.97

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