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Obama repeats support for 'Carcieri fix' on Indian land rights | The Providence Journal


WASHINGTON -- President Obama on Friday reiterated his support for legislation to undo a 2009 Supreme Court decision that deemed the Narragansett Indians ineligible to place a parcel of their land into a trust status that would exempt it from state and local laws and taxes.

"In the wake of the Carcieri decision, we've asked Congress to restore the secretary of Interior's authority to take land into trust for federally-recognized Indian tribes," Mr. Obama told the third annual White House Tribal Nations Conference. Indian rights advocates consider the decision a threat to the sovereignty of all tribes.

The so-called "Carcieri fix," broadly supported across Indian Country, is pending in Congress. Officials of a number of states oppose the measure.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Reps McCarthy & Bishop: The Company They're Keeping Will Surely Lead to Regret

Reps. McCarthy & Bishop
While New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo rejected a $10k contribution from crooked Casino Syndicator Michael J. Malik, Sr.; Long Island Reps. Carolyn McCarthy & Tim Bishop banked $$$ from the shady character.

Then after cashing the checks, both elected leaders announced their support for the Detroiter's Long Island Casino schemes.

If they’d only done a little due diligence. Or perhaps they too are persons of questionable character?

But as the saying goes, "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep."

Highlight’s of Casino Syndicator Michael J. Malik, Sr.'s Criminal Past:

In Michigan, arrested & served probation for child abuse following the public street beating of his girlfriend's 12-year-old son. Reportedly this is one of the reasons Malik won’t get a gaming license from the Michigan Gaming Control Board. (Detroit News)

In Arizona, found guilty of illegally discharging a fire arm and serving out terms of probation which included nearly $15,000 fine and a suspended license. (Minutes of AZ Hearing)

In California, fined multiple times for repeated violations of political reform laws, failing to report dozens of contributions totaling more than $53,000 and fined $10,000 for those offenses. (Matter 2006: FPPC Press Release. Matter 2009: FPPC Press Release and Exhibit 1.)

In Florida, charged with fraud in federal Ponzi scheme related case and forced to repay $170,000. (Goldberg v. Malik: Settlement Agreement). Despite those circumstances, Malik continues an “active” business partnership with Jack Utsick, the international fugitive at the center of the $300 million Ponzi scheme. (AB Funding, LLC: Organization Statement. Complete Michigan DL&EG File.)

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Mayor Proposes Alternatives for Nassau Coliseum and Detroiters' Shinnecock Gambling Hall

Mayor Thomas J. Tweedy

Mayor’s Message Village of Floral Park: November 17, 2011

“While stands the Colosseum, Rome shall stand; when falls the Colosseum, Rome shall fall; and when Rome falls – the world.” Those famous words describing ancient Rome were written on the office wall of the executive director of Mitchel Field when the Nassau Coliseum was being constructed in 1971 (New York Times 12/5/1971 “A Colossus Rises on Hempstead Plains”). When the Nassau Coliseum opened in 1972, built for under $32 million, that Nassau County leader understood the enormous impact the new arena at Mitchel Field would have on its Long Island community.

Today, Long Island is at a tipping point and the Nassau Coliseum is the nexus of the fiscal and emotional morass many Nassau County residents feel. The rebuilding of a new and improved entertainment center at Nassau County’s 77-acre Hub site would be a sure sign to all that Long Island will continue to be a major league community in this new century. In many ways, if the Nassau Coliseum falls, Long Island as we know it shall fall, and when Long Island falls, the American Dream that created Long Island in the first place, is in danger of being lost. It is therefore imperative that Nassau County’s leaders act decisively and boldly to make sure that the Colossus which rose on the Hempstead Plains forty years ago, does not fall and becomes a place of abandonment and lost glory.

It is obvious that creative ideas and innovative thinking are in order to make the Hub a beacon drawing people from all over to visit our region. The proposal last year by the Shinnecock Indian Nation that was initially so positively embraced by Nassau County’s leaders, to have a portion of the Hub set aside for a casino, now needs to be fully explored. Given Nassau County’s taxpayers strong resistance to any additional tax burden relating to rebuilding the Nassau Coliseum, as the referendum this past summer surely demonstrated, other ways to get this accomplished must be explored.

So the following is offered for consideration to the ongoing public debate by this public servant.
Like Yankee Stadium and CitiField, the new Nassau Coliseum should be built adjacent to the old at its current 77-acre Hub site. There is also a need to have a steady stream of revenue to finance the construction of a new arena, other than new taxes from homeowners. One way to accomplish the goal of creating a new Coliseum for Nassau County and a new casino for the Shinnecock Indian Nation is to build a new Coliseum in the parking lot of the old Coliseum, and then turn the keys to the old Coliseum over to the Shinnecock Indian Nation to use as the location for its new casino. In addition to the $14 million that the New York Islanders promised to annually provide Nassau County for a new arena, the Shinnecock Indian Nation would provide a portion of their gaming receipts to reimburse the financial costs to build a new Coliseum with the understanding that the hosting community surrounding the Coliseum are first made whole for accepting the additional burden of a casino in their midst. While the new Coliseum is being built, the New York Islanders would agree to stay in the current building and the Shinnecock Indian Nation could use that time to get their casino plans in order.

Belmont Park should be updated as a world-class thoroughbred racing facility. That can be accomplished through the use of the revenue stream for capital improvements already set aside for NYRA from its Aqueduct VLT operation. As for jobs, building a new Coliseum and casino consecutively at the Hub will certainly create more jobs than just a casino at Belmont Park alone.

The State of New York, which owns and controls Belmont Park, should support the creation of additional recreational opportunities for the communities surrounding Belmont Park. Using some portion of the 28 acre parking field south of Hempstead Turnpike for use by local residents for soccer should be explored. Likewise, the parking field behind the Floral Park-Bellerose Elementary School, which presently is being used as a make-shift tractor trailer animal feed distribution/storage facility, a trash dumpster transfer yard and a new car storage lot, should be converted to create additional sporting fields for our local residents in keeping with our vision of improving Belmont Park.

The possibility of reutilizing the old Coliseum and creating a new world class entertainment arena allowing the Islanders to stay home on Long Island, while providing a reliable funding source dedicated to debt satisfaction as well as a continuing source of revenue for Nassau County taxpayers is a win-win for everyone.

This is a proposal that should be discussed by all the stakeholders and not immediately shot down by special interest lobbyists who have their own plans for the Hub plans, which do not provide a realistic chance for either the Coliseum for the New York Islanders or a new casino for the Shinnecock Indian Nation.

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Marketing Resource Group: the Tom Shields-owned Political/PR Firm is a Slave to Ilitch/Malik Affiliates

Tom Shields founded Marketing Resource Group (MRG), a Lansing, Michigan-based political marketing and public relations firm, in 1979. The firm is closely identified with Republican interests but overriding that are the interests of Detroit’s Ilitch Family and their associate Michael J. Malik, Sr.

Mike & Marian Ilitch appear annually on Forbe’s list of 400 Richest Americans. Currently Forbes estimate’s their net worth at $2 billion. The Ilitches are co-founders of Little Caesars pizza. He owns the Detroit Tigers MLB franchise and she owns MotorCity Casino. Together they own the Detroit Red Wings NHL franchise and numerous other affiliates under the Ilitch Holdings, Inc., umbrella. With Malik, they’ve pursued gaming opportunities in Michigan as well as New York, California & Hawaii.

Shields/MRG were among a stable of consultants who planned and executed a secretly funded last minute advertising blitz in 1996 credited with winning voter approvals for Detroit's three Las Vegas-style gambling halls.  Currently Shields is spokesperson and attack dog for a so-called "coalition" of undisclosed interests bankrolling plans for the proposed New International Trade Crossing (NITC), a second international bridge that would link Detroit with Windsor, Canada. Ilitch,. Malik and the portfolio of Ilitch brands are conspicuously absent from that battle; nevertheless, Shields is front and center.

The following is a list of clients posted on Marketing Resource Groups website. Those in bold are believed to be Ilitch/Malik affiliates and related. For at least a decade, Malik/Ilitch affiliates likely represent the overwhelming majority of MRG’s revenues. Shields is certainly obligated to get their blessing for any client that is not affiliated.


Website links
BarWest Gaming, L.L.C.
Bay Mills Community College
Bay Mills Indian Community
Border Crossing Labs
Coca- Cola Operations North America
Continental Aluminum
Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Tigers
Gateway Casino Resorts, L.L.C.
Hawaii Entertainment L.L.C.
Ilitch Holdings
Insurance Institute of Michigan
John Moolenaar for State Senate

Kennecott Minerals Company
Lauren Hager for State Senate

Little River Band of Ottawa Indians

Michigan Association of Public School Academies
Michigan Deer and Elk Farmers Association
Michigan Legislative Consultants
Michigan Township Association

Minerals Processing Corporation
MotorCity Casino
Nottawaseppi Huron Band of Potawatomi Indians
Nestle Waters North America
Packaging Corporation of America
Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians
Renegade Charters L.L.C.
Republic Services
Safe-Travel L.L.C.
Shinnecock Indian Nation
Thomas More Law Center
Wolverine Pipe Line Company -

Blogger's Note:  In Hawaii, several lobbyists and lobbying organizations have been retained by Tom Shields' Marketing Resource Group.  It is understood that MRG has retained John Radcliffe, Radcliffe & Associates, Capitol Consultants of Hawaii and George A. "Red" Morris to represent the interests of Shields' client, a Detroit casino syndicate organized by Michael Malik and Marian Ilitch.  That syndicate has pursued various schemes that would allow them to develop and operate a Waikiki casino.  TVT and others believe it's likely that MRG is also the source of funding for a pro-gambling front group that suddenly appeared in Honolulu earlier this year, the so-called "Citizens" for a Better Way, LLC.

Forbes Reports Ilitch-Owned Franchise one of NHL's Most Valuable

Detroit Red Wings Second  Most Profitable US Franchise;
 MotorCity Casino Workers Forced to Pay Own Healthcare Costs

Forbes' 2011 NHL Team Values
Forbes is out with its 2011 NHL Team Values: The Business of Hockey. Despite economic woes among other US sectors, Forbes reports the NHL valuations have hit an all-time high. The Detroit Red Wings, owned by Michael and Marian Ilitch, valued at $336 million, ranks #4 out of 30 NHL teams. That's up 7% over 2010.
Forbes Profile
Billionaire Michael Ilitch, through Olympia Entertainment, has a highly integrated and valuable entertainment empire. In sports, Olympia controls the Red Wings, Little Caesars AAA hockey club and baseball's Detroit Tigers, as well as their stadiums, Joe Louis Arena (hockey) and Comerica Park (baseball). Outside of sports, Olympia runs the Fox Theatre (over 4,800 seats), Cobo Arena and Hockeytown Cafe,voted the number two sports bar in the country week after week by ESPN2’s Cold Pizza. Olympia also owns food distribution businesses that Ilitch leverages at his stadiums and a casino in Detroit.
The Red Wings are a significant part of the annual marketing plan for the Ilitch-owned MotorCity Casino frequently making guest appearances and hosting star-studded poker tournaments. Unfortunately for the Ilitch bank the same isn't true for the Ilitch-owned Detroit Tigers baseball team. Given its history of scandals, Major League Baseball has specific regulations prohibiting the mingling of baseball and gambling interests.

The Ilitches realized a $16.3 million operating income from their NHL franchise this past season ranking it the #2 most profitable US franchise; and players and management continue to draw multi-million dollar paychecks. Ilitch continues to fuel up the Gulfstream Jet for the clan's personal travel and vacation in Boca Raton, FL. Their business partner paid $5.4 million cash for a New York Penthouse. Those aren't the circumstances for the hardworking staff at MotorCity Casino. In a labor negotiation that took place earlier this Fall, the Ilitch gambling hall workers were told to start paying some of their own healthcare costs or face job loses.

#Occupy Ilitch Holdings, Inc.

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GAMBLING: Anti-gambling groups outgunned in Capitol debate |

GAMBLING: Anti-gambling groups outgunned in Capitol debate | - The Press-Enterprise

By Jim Miller
SACRAMENTO — Legalizing some form of Internet gambling in California depends on prominent gaming tribes, the horse-racing industry, key lawmakers and other moneyed interests being able to come to terms.
The outcome does not hinge on what people like the Rev. James Butler have to say.

Butler, executive director of the California Coalition Against Gambling Expansion [CCAGE], is a leading critic of the idea of opening cyberspace to legal gambling. Compulsive gambling already ruins the lives of thousands, he and others contend, and letting people bet without ever leaving the house would make the problem worse.

But as lawmakers weigh the largest expansion of legalized gambling in state history, a once-influential coalition of gambling critics is overshadowed by competing gambling interests or otherwise missing in action.

The focus seems to be on how — not if — government should allow online gambling and derive revenue from it. (Complete Story)

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