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She Said: Here's what Hata-Watanabe had to offer after a recent visit to

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In response to our post, "Really? She's Treasurer of the Honolulu County GOP Committee?" (TVT) received the following via email from Liz Hata Watanabe. As you'll see, her response is that of a professional "victim" designed to engender guilt and sympathy but absent anything to refute the "facts" as we've outlined them previously, nor does she display any regret or acknowledge wrongdoing or failures. If what we've previously represented was hogwash, why even acknowledge it with this reply? Socio-path; Borderline Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

She Said...
Allow me to confirm some of your information. [Nothing that follows serves to confirm anything we've reported]

I started the O Lounge, successful business for many years. [Then why hide your books from HLC inspection?] During the course of its lifespan I had a child and took a step back and allowed a GM to run the operation. After some of these "claims", and per my attorney listed above, Micheal J. Green [The damsel in distress turned bully who copied four men in her message to us, including her attorney] I was targeted and in fact documents were falsified, and not by our organization. That is still an on going situation within the Honolulu Liquor Commission. [TVT has found nothing via HLC nor has Watanabe produced anything concrete, that suggests there were falsified documents or that there's any real activity continuing. She backed down and withdrew herself  to avoid any further risk that might  possibly result in a revoked license.]

I'm surprised you would jeopardize my husband's safety, or even my children's safety by publicizing what he does for a living as my husband has worked "plain clothes" for many years and could potentially be targeted by the convicted criminals he has rid our streets of. [TVT did not "Out" her husband. She has exploited and exposed her own family pimping herself out to reporters who will write fluff pieces without investigation. Here's one example where she exposes her husband's career in a cover story from 2008.]

Allow me to mention that my grandmother suffered from terminal liver cancer and I preferred not to disclose that to the public and made the choice to care for her during her last very painful year of life. 

At that time in for her and the memory of my late grandfather I started a foundation to assist children in shelters and transitional homes. [Sounds good but what has been accomplished? The tax-exempt nonprofit hasn't reported much if any income; and how many people faced losses as a result of the $387k bankruptcy?]

The "Hawaii's Big Deal" was to introduce these ideas... It was never intended to go further than that, and the "board" decided to take a different approach. I do not make the decisions alone. And not that it matters, but I was the investor of this show. [The Board = a couple family members and Matt Matsunaga; plus Hawaii's Big Deal had her party promotion fingerprints all over it]

It is belittling to have to give an explanation to you or anyone else about my life or my doings. [Then why are you? This is what happens when you thrust yourself into the spotlight repeatedly.] What you have done is made me out to look like a horrible person who conducts illegal activity. I have worked to do tremendous good for the community and the young children of our islands. [Again, nothing concrete or substantial to offset the facts that she was repeatedly fined for serving alcohol to minors -- including several instances that flew in the face of regulars at the same time her license was suspended and on probation; nothing that explains why she was hiding her books from investigators; and then there's the matter of the $387k bankruptcy as necessary and blessed by her attorney. As long as she could keep the dirty little secrets hidden it was all good, now that TVT has exposed some, she's angry.]

Perhaps if you had asked I could have informed you that the bankruptcy filed under advisement of legal counsel, Philip Miyoshi, also cc'd was 100% business debt. Not one cent was personal, I invested close to a million dollars cash and unfortunately for the "little fish" like myself could not fight for what's right with the "corporate big fish". Of course I'm sure you'll selectively use this information to portray something else. [Again nothing substantial; and worse yet, the notion that because an attorney advised it as a strategy or gave it his "blessing" she's been absolved of any sin.  My goodness, he's just an attorney!]

Maybe you should "pick" on those really ruining the party, or are you and have you been part of that regime and for that reason attack the new members?! Are you hoping to perpetuate what has shamefully taken place for years! [Huh?]

This is outrageous you would attack me being that I have not touched a single cent from the county funds. Until now all moneys have been appropriated by the party's treasurer. I am the county treasurer under advisement from the county chair. [That one has broken the law and had serious failed financial doings and would be serving as "Treasurer" of a nonprofit or other organization doing public good is worthy of disclosure or, if need be, exposure. You'd have demonstrated character if you'd stepped down or otherwise not assumed the role.]

Your accusations are hurtful and politically charged. These comments are also very misleading and obviously intended to tarnish my reputation. [It's regretful you've had your feelings hurt. But accusations?  We've posted truth that's verified through multiple sources/resources and provided the back up documentation for examination or otherwise directed readers to discover such independently. We couldn't make this stuff up.]

Regardless, I doubt you will correct any of your misinformation, I thank you for your time and hope that on subsequent stories that God lead you to do the right thing and cover both sides of the story, as all good reporters do. [Wow! She's invoked motherhood, the good name of her grandfather and God without ever acknowledging the mistakes, demonstrating regret or being completely truthful.  And yet in addition to the other details we've exposed, there's also the matter of a personal injury suit against Costco!  I know right... It just keeps getting better and better.  Again, we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried!]

Feel free to contact me at anytime. I'm always available.

[Liz, here'a bit of advise... you may want to let the bankruptcy court know you formed a limited liability company in April in which you're the only member and its manager; and that you're the founder and steward of the Hata Foundation. Just 'cause it's tax-exempt nonprofit doesn't mean you or others can't be paid or otherwise pay expenses and you certainly wouldn't want to risk losing your tax-exempt status 'cause you failed to disclose.]


Blogger's Note: During our process of discovery we came across an article that had been posted on when HLC revoked the liquor license at Harbor Court Bistro.  We were surprised to see that 79 comments had been left attached to that article. This same shallow rhetoric, failure to demonstrate regret or understanding of others and that she is a controversial and polarizing character are ever present in those 79 comments.

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